"sPoint" Electronic Permit-To-Work System

Issuing electronic permits-to-work as per Ministry of labor and social defense of Republic of Kazakhstan Prikaz # 344 dated 28 August, 2020.
Electronic permit-to-work system: menu
  • Mobility
    App is available from any device.
    Signing with e-signature or cloud e-signature (face ID).
  • Economy

    Issuing time decrease by 70-80%.

    Man-hour and transportation expenses time economy.

    Ability to eliminate expenses for paper.

  • Safety

    Adherence to all steps of issuing permit-to-work.

    Monitoring of all active works on an interactive map.

    Quick reporting.

  • Transparency
    Record of every step when issuing premit-to-work.
    Inability to change open permit-to-work or back date it.
  • Efficiency

    Ability to sign multiple documents at once.

    Ability to copy similar jobs.

  • 1
    Signing with e-signature or biometry (face ID) from mobile device - cloud e-signature.
  • 2
    Web based
    System is available from any device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) on web-brouser.
  • 3
    System languages: Kazakh and Russian.
    Ability to add languages.
  • 4
    Events auto e-mail notification.
  • 5
    Interactive map
    All active permit-to-works on google map.
  • 6
    Any report generation (by type of hazard works, by departments, etc.).
  • 7
    PDF conversion
    Ability to print approved permit-to-work.
  • 8
    Permits-to-work for various types of hazard works have their own color and logo.
  • 9
    System can add check-lists and hazard identification forms.
How it works
Scope of work, location, date and time, approvers, crew members are shown on the premit-to-work.
Permit-to-work is sent by approval flow (issuer, approver, admitter, work producer) with e-mail notifications.
If needed open premit-to-work can be extended in the system.
Closure of permit-to-work is done within the system, with ability to attach scanned version.
  • "Embamunaigas" JSC
    In 1 quarter of 2022 successful pilot has been conducted in Kenbai oilfeild, "Kainarmunaigas" Oil and Gas Extracting Division.
    1 July 2023 we signed contract to implement the system in all divisions of JSC "Embamunaigas".
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Why choose us?
  • Training
    In addition to instructions we train personnel at their workplace on how to use system, correctly issue, send to approval and sign.
  • Free updates
    If there were changes in legislation or we added improved functionality, you get updates for free.
  • Support
    We provide free technical support to ensure uninterrupted productivity and information security.
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