time reduce of your permit-to-work process
compliant with the RoK legislation
What problems does electronic PTW solve?
Reducing crew and equipment downtime
Optimizing staff
working time

Increasing transparency and control over processes
  • Forget about having to fill out work orders manually. Now the permit can be copied in just one click.

  • Save time on getting signatures from management - all documents are signed electronically.
  • Logging and reporting are now automated, providing instant access to the information you need.
  • The entire registration history of PTWs is recorded, eliminating the possibility of post facto changes.

  • The system allows you to track active tasks and employee workload.
sPoint system features
Web application
Signing using Face ID or digital signature.
Access from any device (computer, phone, tablet) via a web browser.
Electronic signing
A single, secure database of all orders and PTWs.
Electronic journal
Monitoring of active work at all sites on an interactive map.
Work monitoring
Analytics and reporting
The interface is in Kazakh, Russian and English, with the ability to connect additional languages.
Identification of facilities workload by works and even distribution of the workload. Quick generation of any reporting. Fast generation of any reporting.
The system is customized to suit the Customer's processes and can be integrated with other systems.
The forms of permits to work and the procedure for signing are fully consistent with Orders No. 344, 222 and 253.
How the sPoint system works
You can take the permit to work from the template and change the necessary information.
Creation of electronic PTW
Stage 1
Online approval with all responsible
Stage 2
Responsible persons will receive notifications. You can sign from a computer (digital signature) or from a mobile device (cloud digital signature).
Stage 3
Permit to start work
The work performer receives an approved permit to work with the signatures of all responsible persons and conducts on-the-job training.
Stage 4
If necessary, the permit is extended in the system. After all work is completed it closes.
Implementation experience
The successful implementation of the system at Embamunaigas JSC significantly reduced registration time, operating costs and improved monitoring of hazardous works.
Why choose us?
In addition to instructions, we train staff on site on how to operate the system, complete it correctly, submit it for approval and sign it.
We are the only company on the market whose system of electronic permits to work is fully compliant with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
If there have been changes in legislation or we have added functionality to improve the system, we release updates that you receive for free.
Free updates
We provide technical support to ensure system functionality and information security.
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